Knock Knock! Trick or Treat?

We Choose Treat!

Hello my chocolate, truffle, and candy loving goblins… I mean, friends!

It’s Going to be a Boo-tiful October!

Summer is done and cooler weather is here (for most of us!). For those of you with children, school has started. I wish you all a great school year. I know my family is in the Halloween spirit, and we are here to share it!

October means pumpkins, apples, and of course Halloween! At Truffle Me! we love Halloween! My daughter loves Halloween so much that it’s Halloween all year round at her house. I love finding cute boxes and adding fun sprinkles and colors to our truffles. Check out our fun Halloween truffles.

I am not sure what Trick or Treating will look like this year, but there are fun ways to celebrate at home. I used to make hot dog mummies and ghost cookies. Create a fun dinner for the kids and yourself. Check out the fun food ideas I’ve used.


Boo-Nana’s and Clementine Pumpkins!
Clementines/tangerines, Celery, Bananas, and Chocolate or Peanut Butter Chips!
Easy, nutritious, fun and has chocolate.

Hot Dog & Croissant Mummies!
Two ingredients and a fun activity. (Tip: Use two ketchup or mustard dots as eyes!)

When all else fails there’s Pinterest!!

I am hoping that you are able to relax a bit this fall and enjoy the cooler weather, nights around a fire, carved pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds.

“It’s the moments together that change us forever”

We hope you have a great October & Halloween!