Officially Open For Business!

Hi Friends and Chocolate Lovers

I never would have thought that making truffles 8 years ago as a fundraiser for Matthew would lead me to my own business and writing a blog!!!

Truffle Me open for business

I have always been creative.  I loved art in school, sewing in 4-H and then decorating my own homes.  I once started creating with old buttons. Loved those crafts. I asked my Mom if she had any old buttons.  Before I knew it I had no less than 20,000 buttons. I finally had to say STOP Mom!! I still have thousands left!  Ten years ago I started creating garden art from old dishes. That turned into Garden Art by Diane. I love going and looking for fun dishes in just the right colors!

I have always had a love for all things chocolate.  My family would say “All things with sugar!”. Chocolate is the king though.  When looking for a recipe I admit that I look for those that are easy and will appeal to the majority of people.  Searching for good chocolate has led me to blending several brands together, make a rich tasting chocolate. I have standard truffle flavors that I have on hand all the time.  I make seasonal flavors and special order flavors. If you have a favorite cookie, candy or cake, I’m sure there is a truffle out there I can make!

A dear friend suggested that I teach truffle making classes.  It was not a hard sell for me- once a teacher always a teacher.

At a truffle class you learn about truffles and chocolate and then make a dozen truffles to take home.  The class lasts about 2 hours- depending on how much talking we do. There is also a truffle demonstration class where I show you how to make truffles and then you make just one to eat.  I have also developed a team building experience were teams develop their own truffle flavors.

I look forward to the upcoming months and years with chocolate to be eaten and truffles to be designed.  I hope you will join me on my new wild, crazy and always decadent adventure.