Bright Side of the Moon Treat Yourself Gift Set


Kitty Curio offers unique, gender neutral scents and with carefully curated ingredients to help you manifest all the self care you could ever need.

Choose a salt scrub, or a salt soak, or a set of both, and a handmade soap as well as six truffles! You can choose two flavors of truffles with this gift box set.

Our truffles are made with love. You must select a flavor for your truffles and you can choose up to two flavors (3 of each) if you like.



The Bright Side of The Moon 🌝 ✨

Attract blessings and love!

While you soak, imagine that you are in a lush garden at night. The moon is full in the sky. As the moonlight kisses your skin, you begin to glow. As you relax, think about the opportunity or the lover you wish to attract. Allow it to come to you, to caress you like the light of the moon, as you sit in your beautiful summer night oasis.

Salt Scrub Ingredients:

🧂 Salt for protection and purification
🥥 Coconut oil is antibacterial
💃 Jasmine is an aphrodisiac
🌲 Attracts blessings, opens the heart chakra, and helps self control

Salt Soak Ingredients:

🧂 Epsom salt is used for detoxification
🌊 Sea salt for protection and purification
😌 Baking soda helps to calm the skin
💃 Jasmine is an aphrodisiac
🌲 Cedar attracts blessings, opens the heart chakra, and helps self control
🧠 Aids in mental focus and soothes the skin

Tranquility Bay Soap Ingredients

olive oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, hemp oil, organic shea butter, water, lye and fragrance.

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Tranquility Bay Soaps

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