Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: How many truffles can I order at once? I am ordering them for an event and need a lot at once.

A: Truffles can be ordered by the dozen in any amount. If you need a very customized order, make sure to check out our Custom Order product in the shop. You will be guided through a form asking you questions about what you need in your order.

Q: How do I store my truffles?

A: Truffles should be kept refrigerated. They are best eaten at room temperature, so I suggest setting them out a short time before serving, but I have been told that they are also great cold!

Q: How long do your truffles keep?

A: Truffles will keep for several weeks if kept refrigerated. If frozen, they will last for a couple of months.

Q: Can I order customizations to my order, like a different chocolate dipping or a specific color?

A: Truffles can be customized for your event or holiday, and are changed in the way they are decorated. Truffles can have many different colors of chocolate drizzle on the top. They can also have a wide variety of sprinkles including edible gold and silver. The dough for the truffles is not available for customization.

Q: What kind of seasonal/special truffles are offered, besides the regular ones?

A: I will post the seasonal/special truffles on the website. If you have a flavor you would like to have me make; please let me know. I will discuss with you about whether a recipe is provided.

Q: Do you take international orders?

A: I am not taking orders outside the continental United States. It would take too long for the truffles to be delivered and would spoil during delivery.

Q: Are your truffles made in a peanut free area?

A: No, my truffles are not made in a peanut free environment.

Q: How are they delivered?

A: If you live in Northern Kentucky, I am happy to meet you at a convenient location or deliver them to your home. Otherwise, I am glad to mail them to you for the cost of the postage. Truffles are sent by USPS anywhere within the continental United States (sadly, I am not able to mail to Alaska, Hawaii, or other U.S. territories or internationally).