13 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Chocolate Truffles

Tempering Chocolate for Truffles at Home – Is It Necessary?

Truffle Me! founder, Diane Haase, was interviewed by mashed, along with many others, in an article about common. mistakes that everyone makes with chocolate truffles. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Diane Haase, owner of Truffle Me! making truffles with blocks of white and milk chocolateTruffle Me! owner Diane Haase told us that home cooks don’t need to be quite so worried about this step, as tempering is more about looks than taste. “Tempering chocolate will give your truffles a nice shiny look and the chocolate will be ‘snappy.’ It is not necessary to temper chocolate for it to taste amazing. It’s all about the look of the chocolate. I temper my chocolate because I have a truffle business, but for making truffles for yourself and friends you don’t need to temper it.

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