Gluten Free? Tree Nuts? Find Answers Here!

Dear Friends and Chocolate Lovers-

Do Your Truffles Contain Gluten or Nuts?

    I want to say hello to all the people that I met at Atwood Winery on Saturday as you took the Kenton County Farm Tour.  It was beautiful weather. I hope you enjoyed it. I had several people ask me if the truffles contained gluten/flour or tree nuts.  Some of the truffles have Oreo cookies as their base, so yes some do. I do eat tree nuts in my home but never while making truffles and all the counters and utensils are sanitized before using.  I will add ingredients to my truffle descriptions so you will know if you can eat them.

If you are interested in truffles for the holidays or for a party, please give me a weeks notice so I can customize them to your color theme is there is one.  Remember that I can meet you in the Florence area for free delivery.

Want to take a break from the craziness of the holidays?  Host a truffle making class in your home. Don’t bother to do a lot of cleaning- no one cares.  Truffles are the snack of the night- so no cooking required. I will bring everything you need for a fun relaxing night with a few of your friends.

The holidays are coming fast!!  Let me take the gift and treat giving items off your to do list!  Everyone loves homemade goodies. Truffles can last weeks in the refrigerator or in the freezer.  Order now and have them on hand for your entertaining and gift giving needs.